This is a fashion/thrift blog by fashion model Katlin Sumners:
I mostly update M/W/Th

This blog will mostly feature thrifted pieces from my collection, as well as my everyday wardrobe and pieces that I pair together. Occasionally, it will feature pieces that I have made myself. Its a good incentive to dress up more often 😛

I will also feature pieces that I wear or have worn in my shoots (that are my own), so while the bulk of what you will see will be camera shots, there will be the occasional professional photograph in the middle of it all.

All pieces here are either thrifted, traded, or given to me. It is important to note that I do not support buying from companies where clothing is made outside of America due to the tendency to be made from sweat shop and/or child labor. This is why I thrift or, if I ever do buy clothes otherwise it is out of necessity (and thus incredibly rare), or is given to me as a gift from someone else. Thus, no money goes towards supporting such companies directly.

Note: This blog is HUMANE! and VEG POSITIVE!
– I do not wear animal products, or model animal products. This includes real AND faux fur!
– I do not wear feathers UNLESS humanely collected. Even if given to me.

PS: YES, I am a real full time model. I support myself off of this, pay for school, and save for a house with this money. No need to drop it in my ask box all the time ❤ Happy to answer any questions about it though!


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